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6th International Congress for IoPT: 14th ot 16th of October 2022, planned in Munich

A good comprehension of my theory and method in English.

International Training & Events

Information about my International Training.
Apply for the 6th International Training 2022/23 in Munich

All my dates for seminars and lectures

Interviews & Showcase

All my interviews with Christine Wong on IOPT and how trauma affects us in our everyday lives on youtube.

Showcase of an online process in German and English.

Directions to my practice in Munich

Way to practice and recommandations for hotels and private rooms in Munich (pdf-file)

My Books in English

Books in English by Franz Ruppert all published by Green Balloon Books, Steyning (UK) can be ordered by John Mitchell:

Find all of them and all of those translated in different languages here.


Lecture "Symbiosis & Autonomy" on DVD you can order directly

Youtube Videos London Lectures



Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert

Englmannstr. 2 (2. OG)
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+49 (0) 170 7348434

For information about my activities in different countries please use the flag menu on top.


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